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Family Violence Prevention Month: Help: Tip #2

Family Violence Prevention Month: How To Help #2: Start a conversation.

It may feel scary or uncomfortable to bring up domestic violence with someone you know, but you feel compelled to talk with them because you care about them and you are concerned for them.
If you are thinking of starting a conversation about domestic violence, remember that the person you are talking to has not had the time to prepare for the conversation that you have had. Lead into the subject gently – start by talking about a podcast, book, Ted Talk, or other source where you’ve learned something new. You can even lead with, “I saw that ADVAS had another increase in their support for people who are victims of domestic violence. Have you seen that?”
If you are comfortable, share why you care about domestic violence issues. Humans build trust and are most impacted when we feel connected to another human.
Make the conversation more about you. “I would want all of my friends to know that they could turn to me as a safe person if ever they were in a dangerous situation.”
Avoid negative talking points, including catastrophizing, victim-blaming and shaming the accused abusers. Everyone involved in domestic violence situations benefits from help.
Be unconditional in your support.
November is Family Violence Prevention Month, and we will be sharing tips for how you can support your friends and loved ones here all month long.
Please follow along, and share these posts so that those close to you can follow along, too.