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Family Violence Prevention Month: Help: Tip #3

Family Violence: How To Help #3: Listen without judgment.
If someone chooses to talk with you about domestic violence, listen to them. Listen without judging their story, without comparing it to others, without offering advice, and without suggesting solutions. If you actively listen, chances are that the person will tell you exactly what they need. In this moment, they need someone to hear them and to listen.
While your main objective is to listen and to let the person speak, you can politely ask clarifying questions. It is best to get consent before asking, “Thank you so much for sharing with me. I am here with you. I’m wondering if you can help me to understand something. May I ask about ______?”
November is Family Violence Prevention Month, and we will be sharing tips for how you can support your friends and loved ones here all month long.
Please follow along, and share these posts so that those close to you can follow along, too.