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Family Violence Prevention Month: Help: Tip #4

Family Violence: How To Help #4: Learn the warning signs.
It is normal and natural for people who are the victims of violence to try to cover their physical and emotional injuries. Understanding the signs of domestic violence will help you to help people who are experiencing domestic violence.
Physical signs: Bruises, scratches, and other marks – this could be a black eye, split lip, bruises on the neck or arms. As well, bruises on the wrists.
Emotional signs: People who are the victim of domestic violence sometimes, and not always, appear to have low self-esteem. They may seem to be fearful or meek and overly apologetic. They might lose interest in their hobbies and interests, use substances, and/or appear to have symptoms of depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts.
Behavioural signs: A person who is the victim of domestic violence may become withdrawn or distant. They may often be late, or may cancel appointments or meetings at the last minute. They may exercise an excessive amount of privacy or secrecy concerning their personal life, and may isolate themselves from friends and family.
If you know that someone is at risk of serious harm, or if you witness an act of violence, call police immediately.
November is Family Violence Prevention Month, and we will be sharing tips for how you can support your friends and loved ones here all month long.
Please follow along, and share these posts so that those close to you can follow along, too.