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The ADVAS 1:1 campaign – YOU helping people

People living in Airdrie, Crossfield, Beiseker, and at all points across Rocky View County are once again invited to support the critical services delivered by ADVAS through the annual 1:1 campaign.

For 2021, supporters are asked to fully fund the cost of supporting one person – which totals $114 – or supporting one hour of service for just $27.

“The work that ADVAS Advocates do is in the community. It’s just a few feet from all of us at any given moment,” said Patti Reid, Board Chairperson at ADVAS, “The One to One campaign helps people to connect with just how close we all are to people who are the victims of crime and tragedy….This year’s campaign really celebrates the great work that is only possible with the help of donors.”

Indeed, ADVAS advocates are working every hour of every day, in every part of our community. Since 2015, Advocates have assisted with:

  • Nearly 9,000 cases of Family Violence
  • More than 1,000 Sexual Assaults
  • More than 1,000 Assaults, including Aggravated Assault
  • More than 1,000 cases of Threats and Harassments
  • Almost 1,500 cases of Theft, Fraud, and Robbery
  • 117 Cases of Homicide and Attempted Homicide
  • 470 Cases of Sudden Death
  • And many, many more.

Because of support from funding partners and generous donors, ADVAS Advocates are available to respond to every crime and every tragedy that occurs in our community. “Without the backing of our supporters, access to essential services for victims of crime and tragedy would be less,” says Tricia MacDonald, Board Member at ADVAS. MacDonald notes that the organization has financial support from government partners, foundations including the Airdrie and District Community Foundation and the Calgary Foundation, and corporate donors including Davis Chevrolet and Frasweway RV in Airdrie. ADVAS has also received support from community groups including 100 Women Who Care Airdrie, 100 Airdrie Men Who Give A Damn, Rotary Club of Airdrie, and others, as well as many individual donors. “We are grateful to have support from respected people and groups who can see our impact, and hope they continue to support our work and that others choose to join them,” says MacDonald.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization made agile changes to help team members stay connected even when they were working from remote locations. “With public support, we were able to keep our team connected to the most essential tools to do their work,” says Reid, who shared that while the pandemic has created many challenges it has inspired conversations about connections and impact, “The pandemic, I think, forced everyone to look at what we were at risk of missing. Who were we not serving as well as we could, and what we did we need to change to do better,” she says. Heading into 2022, the team at ADVAS is co-creating a program for Natural Supports with experts and members of the community. The program will provide supports, resources, and information for the family, friends, peers, and others who are close to victims of crime and tragedy – helping them to provide support to victims without adding to injuries.

If you are able to support ADVAS this season, you are asked to complete the form below, visit, or call 403.399.7538.