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Tip Sheet: For Employers

Every individual will experience crime, tragedy and loss in a unique and personal way. You may know more than one person who has shared in the same event, and each person will understand, process, and recover from the event differently.

As an employer, there is a lot that you can do to support workers who have experienced a crime, tragedy or loss. Your support will not only help them to heal as a person, but research shows that workers who are supported may be able to return to work sooner.

What to do What does that look like
Understand and follow the legislation and applicable acts. Company or organization leadership understands and adheres to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), Alberta Employment Standards, and job-protected leaves of absence.
Offer strong benefits for workers. Access to benefits, including a range of clinical and therapeutic services, helps to remove barriers to healing and empowers people to recover from adverse events.
Give employees choice and control over if and how their recovery overlaps with their work. Giving your employees the freedom to schedule appointments that impact or overlap with working hours can help to improve their access to care and speed up their recovery.
Develop an organizational culture that is safe and trauma-informed. As part of your regular business cycles, invite presenters to promote awareness about trauma among your teams.
Ask questions, and act on the answers. Ask all your workers to share what they need more of, or less of, during their times of stress and recovery. Be open to responses that involve scheduling, pace of work, benefits, remote working, and more.
Be open to supporting workers. Actively listen to what your workers share with you, and provide thoughtful responses. Consider not only what makes good sense for your business but also what people need in order to heal when you are making decisions.

There is no single solution for all team members.

Being a supportive employer always means actively listening, caring, and responding thoughtfully. What comes next will be unique for each person. Job-protected leaves of absence, benefit plans, averaging agreements, and more will be considered, and we encourage you to do workforce planning and adjustments after taking steps to ensure that your employees are safe and cared for.