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ADVAS / Child Abuse Services

Child Abuse Services

Child Abuse Services

A multidisciplinary, specialized service that provides therapeutic and medical services to children who have been abused or neglected.

In order to enhance their bio-psycho-social health and well-being. Child Abuse Services (CAS) has two streams:

  • Medical Stream – referrals to the medical stream, for a child who may have experienced physical or sexual abuse, are triaged to determine if medical assessment of the child is warranted.
  • Psychosocial Stream – assesses the impact of abuse and neglect on the referred child, and provides therapeutic intervention to address emotional, behavioural and relational challenges associated with the abuse and neglect.

The program does not provide investigations of abuse. If you have a concern about a child who is being abused or is at risk for abuse, call the police and Child & Family Services.