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ADVAS / Victims of Crime: Assistance Programs

Victims of Crime: Assistance Programs

Victims of Crime: Assistance Programs

Financial benefits

Victims of crime can get a monetary benefit to acknowledge victimization, based on serious injuries directly suffered from the crime.

  • serious injury benefit – for victims who are seriously injured as a direct result of crime, who require assistance to perform daily functions
  • death benefit – reimbursement of funeral costs for victims who died as a result of violent crime

Emergency assistance

Victims of crime can get financial assistance to assist with emergency safety and security expenses, court attendance expenses, as well as access to psychological supports for injuries suffered from the crime.

  • emergency assistance – financial assistance following a violent crime to assist with safety and security-related losses and damages
  • court attendance expenses – reimbursement for expenses related to court attendance for specified events, such as sentencing or providing a victim impact statement
  • counselling – immediate access to short-term supports to assist in dealing with the psychological impacts related to specified Criminal Code offences